My Top Three at The Dallas Flea

I attended the Dallas Flea Market at Southside on Lamar yesterday afternoon. The market ran from 9AM-4PM and featured upward of 70 different Texas vendors. My shopping friend, Amy, and I arrived on the scene around 12:30. Right outside the doors were several food trucks lined up for any hungry visitors. The entrance fee was $5, but we were immediately offered Vitamin Water and most of the vendors were running specials just for market attendees. Although we saw so many amazing things, here are my top three booths in no special order.

GAIA Booth At Dallas Flea
GAIA Booth at Dallas Flea

GAIA Booth

Our first stop was GAIA empowered women. GAIA offers handmade accessories crafted by women in need in Dallas. All of the products are made using repurposed materials. Their mission is “to empower marginalized women through employment, encouragement, and dedication to their long-term success in our own local communities.” It’s such an awesome organization that helps women right in our own neighborhood.

Plus the product is great! Every item includes a card with the maker’s name and background story. Amy and I each got these cute little pouches, both made by a lady named Muna who came to the U.S. from Iraq with her two children in 2009.  Amy’s was My GAIA Pouch Dallas Flea '12made from a vintage Ralph Lauren print! Mine has a desert theme and is silk on one side and leather on the other…a steal at only $12 (on sale)! Plus it goes to a great cause. If you missed GAIA at the Dallas Flea, their website lists several retailers, such as Neiman Marcus and Tootsie in DFW that carry their product.

Vintage Junky's Booth Dallas Flea '12

Vintage Junky’s

Another one of our favorite stops was the Vintage Junky’s booth.

 Their tagline claims that they are “Hopelessly addicted to vintage”, and if you are too, you can find some great treasures here! This funky throwback had everything from furniture to antique wedding dresses. One of my favorite pieces was a pink ring box shaped like a clam shell. It was like Barbie meets Ariel, meets chic! Amy quickly spotted and fell in love with a gorgeous gold bracelet with green jewels. The price? A mere $12! Quite the deal finder, although it wasn’t hard to spot great deals at the Dallas Flea. You can shop Vintage Junky’s on Etsy, or stop by their new store in Colleyville.

3 Bears Studio Dallas Flea '12
“Confidence”. An original painting by Rachel Davidson

3 Bears Studio

Sometimes things in life just make me smile, and all of the delightfully colorful paintings inside the 3 Bears Studio booth are among some of those things. I probably spent a good fifteen minutes at this small booth looking and re-looking at all the different hand painted items. Each one delighted me in a different way. I definitely want to Dallas Flea '12decorate my next dwelling with these happy little paintings. Some of the art pieces were framed, while others were put on canvas, and still others were prints. The prices ranged from the 20s up to the 100s and sizes were various.

I was able to meet the artist, Rachel Davidson, who was very gracious and sweet. I wanted to buy something right then, but my cash flow was running low. Luckily, Rachel pointed me to her next event, Etsy Dallas Spring Bash, which is on May 5th. Looks like that will be my next shopping adventure.


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