My 3-Step Ritual To Get Me Motivated To Work

20200430_125730Many people are like me right now – furloughed or out of work because of Coronavirus. So it’s up to ourselves to create a routine or maintain some productivity when we aren’t being paid to do so.

At first, it’s kind of easy because we are used to waking up and getting right to work. But as time goes on and there’s no place to punch in the clock, it can be hard to stay motivated to work.

Whether you’re doing a side hustle, looking for a job, or trying to go back to school; it can oftentimes be difficult to gear yourself up for the work you’ll have to put in. Especially if it seems like your goal is far off.

In my last post, I mentioned that I’ve been taking courses on Udemy. Even though I have a passion for these courses and want to learn, I still find it hard sometimes to make myself sit down and take notes.

Part of it is that I know how long the course is – and there are several more hours left! Plus, I have to pay close attention to what the instructor is saying because it’s a new concept for me and it’s technical.

So here’s what I started doing to create a “ritual” that would get me motivated to start working on this course:

1. Set a Time To Work

I like to set a time that I must start working – and stop working. Usually it helps me if I can take a break for a meal, such as lunch. If I plan it out in advance, then I already know that it’s built into my day and then I can plan other activities around it if I need or want to.

2. Mentally Run Through Your Goals Before Starting Work

This one is important! It’s easy so easy for me to talk myself out of doing something, usually because “it takes too long”. But as they say, the time will pass anyway. And I’d rather spend that time accomplishing something than watching a rerun on TV.

So I sit in a quiet space and remind myself why I’m doing the work and where I would like it to lead me in terms of my future. And I tell myself that I’m succeeding and getting more knowledgeable every day.

3. Stage My Workspace

I have created a clean table where I can get work done without having to be cramped or worry about picking up. This time is solely for the work I set out to accomplish.

Then I grab a favorite beverage – right now I’m loving Waterloo sparkling water, the Blueberry flavor!

And finally I light my favorite scented candle. The nice smell along with the refreshing beverage help remind me that this is a form of self care. 

4. Get To Work!

Then, I just get started and make good on my promise to myself! And before I know it, I’ve gone through several lessons and I feel accomplished and ready to move on to my next project.

It seems simple enough, right? Well, it’s not! Sorry to say, but this is tough work. It requires discipline. And a lot of people see discipline as a negative word.

But discipline is a form of self care.

You are caring for your future self when you are disciplined enough today to eat right, exercise, learn something new, work hard. 

So if you’re practicing this, then give yourself some credit! You’ve earned it.

What do you do to stay motivated to work? Please share your comments, I’d love to hear from you! 

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