The Fest is Yet to Come

Springtime in Texas means getting to choose among a plethora of festivals to attend. Luckily these events are typically spread out over different weekends throughout the spring months making it easier to attend the ones you want. Between now and May I certainly have some Festivals I would like to attend: Dallas International Film Festival, Main Street Arts Festival, and Homegrown Music Festival (where The O’s will be performing this year!).

Last Saturday I was able to check out the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. This festival boasts copious amounts of creativity in the form of paintings, photographs, sculptures and accessories lined up in vendor booths along several blocks of historic Main Street. Along the backdrop of famous music venues, dive bars, and tattoo shops, this cultural attraction is right at home in Deep Ellum.

One of my favorite pieces of wall art had to be from this booth displaying different dog breeds in cartoon military propaganda.

Another booth that stuck with me was by designer Angela R. Mosera of ArrowSarah. She had some really cool necklaces made from antique watch parts (some were 100 years old). If you missed her at DEAF, she’ll also be at the Urban Street Bazaar in the Bishop Arts District this weekend April 14-15.

Of course the Fair food was a hit among me and my festival comrades. In the gallery you’ll see my friend Amy munching on Corn and Jesse picking out flavors for his snow cone.

We got some “serious” food from Serious Pizza. It was my first time there, but definitely won’t be my last. I ordered the Veggies style while Jesse and Amy opted for the Buffalo Chicken, both excellent choices!

It took a while to walk the whole street (especially when I kept wanting to stop at every booth!). The live art collaboration was particularly endearing. Tucked away on a side street off of Main a group of guys were painting a beautiful collage of what looked to be under the sea inspired images. Hip hop music was blaring from speakers as groups of people formed to watch the artists dab their brushes and spray paint the canvass. It was fun to see it all come together.

Overall I had a great experience and I’d love to attend the festival again next year!

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