Deep Ellum Bark Park



20140318_172359[1]There are three dog parks in walking distance of my apartment. My dog, Pierre, like to frequent all of them when the weather is nice. Since spring is slowly starting to shine its face upon our city, Pierre and I have been taking more walks. Our latest adventure found us at the Deep Ellum Bark Park (DEBP) where we took in some art and he made a new Daschund friend.

Getting There

If you’ve never been to this park before, it can be intimidating. First of all, the park is under the highway, and it’s in Deep Ellum, which has had somewhat of a shady reputation in the past. But don’t let the location scare you.

If you live downtown or around Deep Ellum, like me, it’s easy to walk to the park. If you’re driving, there is plenty of street parking on Commerce and Main.

What It’s Like

DEBP is pretty good sized, so there’s plenty of room for your pooch to romp around. Be aware that the park is not separated by dog sizes, so large and small dogs mingle together.

The park has a mix of grass and rocky terrain. Several benches – shaped like dog bones (which I find charming), are around the park for when you need a little rest. A couple of water fountains are in the corner of the park , including one that is dog sized!

There’s usually a tennis ball or two floating around that you can throw to Fido and friends. A wooden ramp structure sits near the middle of the park and makes playing chase all the more fun for dogs.

Colorful murals (usually of dogs doing human things like playing the guitar or dancing the tango)  adorn the highway support beams throughout the park. This art really makes the park unique and allows it to blend nicely into the Deep Ellum scene. Checking out the paintings is my favorite part of going there.

The People There

The people I’ve met at this park are usually pretty friendly, and of course love to gab about their dog(s). The last time I went, people mostly kept to themselves, which can certainly be desirable at times.

Most of the fellow park goers who I have met live nearby and walk. So this could be a good place to meet neighbors/people in your community. I’ve also noticed that the people here are pretty good about watching over their dog.


More Pictures

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