11/22/1963 in Dallas

It's been over fifty years since JFK's motorcade took that fateful route in our city's downtown. But had you been here only a month ago, you would have thought you had travelled back in time. The streets were cleared, modern signs were nowhere to be seen, and people were dressed in the clothes of yore. Of course, the … Continue reading 11/22/1963 in Dallas

My Top Three at The Dallas Flea

I attended the Dallas Flea MarketĀ at Southside on Lamar yesterday afternoon. The market ran from 9AM-4PM and featured upward of 70 different Texas vendors. My shopping friend, Amy, and I arrived on the scene around 12:30. Right outside the doors were several food trucks lined up for any hungry visitors. The entrance fee was $5, … Continue reading My Top Three at The Dallas Flea