Quarantine: A Very Merry Un-Birthday

20200502_152354Today is my birthday. But, this year has been cancelled, so I’m staying the same age until next year – unless that gets cancelled too.

In fact, if this goes on long enough, I’m going to start subtracting years. So if I’m writing this three years from now, I might actually be five years younger than I am today. #QuarantineMath

See, there’s some good that comes out of this after all!

Of course I’m joking, kind of.

I do have plans for tonight. A small dinner out with friends. Yes, restaurants are open in Dallas. People have mixed feelings about going out still. I try to be as safe as possible when going out, but I’m not completely quarantined.

The good thing about having a birthday dinner during this pandemic is that I know my friends have nothing better to do.

You see, normally when I have a birthday celebration I feel this enormous pressure to make sure everyone is having a good time. Even if it means that I’m miserable trying to make everyone else happy, which how can I even know if they are?! Oh what ridiculous creatures humans can be sometimes! Probably me most of all. Do you ever have that feeling on your birthday?

But yes, some of the pressure is off for today. Maybe it’s because of Corona and knowing that all my friends want to go anywhere besides their living room, or maybe it’s that I’m getting older (technically, but remember this year doesn’t count so not “really”).

I’ve heard that you care less what people think as you get older. As I look back, I can see this is true. Things that would have concerned me in the past, no longer matter as much. But I’m ready to get to the age where I really just don’t care.

Anyway, happy “Un-Birthday” to me. And to all of us in 2020. Cheers to giving the calendar a middle finger this year!

2 thoughts on “Quarantine: A Very Merry Un-Birthday

  1. Happy Un-Birthday (I’ve been counting backwards for twenty years now – it doesn’t help). Have fun going out to eat, I am so sick of my own cooking.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hahaha, glad to hear I’m not the only one looking to count backwards 😂 I hear ya on being sick of your own cooking. So ready for a meal out! Thanks for reading!

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