Sweet Stuff Happening in Dallas Tonight 7/11


There are some nights when I wish I could be in multiple places at once; tonight is such a night. Here’s a quick rundown of things happening tonight that I totally approve of and think you should check out.

1. American Idiots at The Barley House 

See the best Green Day cover band in Dallas (possibly America) tonight at the Barley House starting at 9PM. They’ll be playing two sets, so it will be a full night of fun! While you’re there, say what’s up to Michael Gruber who will be rocking out on the guitar. Yee haw!

2. Quiet Company Covers Pinkerton at The Foundry

The Austin boys are back in town!  You can catch Quiet Company covering Weezer’s entire Pinkerton album tonight at The Foundry starting at 9PM. Be there, or be somewhere else on this list, or be somewhere that’s not as cool.

3. Summer Mockbusters at The Granada Showing Con Air

What’s better than watching (mocking) a Nicholas Cage movie with friends? Watching a Nicholas Cage movie with friends and a bunch of strangers while live tweeting! Catch this free event at The Granada tonight. The movie starts at 8pm. Tweets will be displayed in real time on both side screens so you won’t miss any of the sarcastic zingers!

4. The Venetian Sailors at The Twilite Lounge

The Twilite lounge is hands down one of my favorite spots in Deep Ellum. The atmosphere is chill and the music is spot on. Tonight you can catch Dallas locals The Venetian Sailors playing for free starting at 10:30. Definitely a must see!


Photo Credit: axbecerra

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