Quiet Company at Sundown at Granada


I love going to Sundown at Granada. There’s free live music every night of the week. It’s a great way to discover new bands! Plus the crowd is pretty diverse, which makes people watching extra interesting.

Last Saturday I wanted to catch a show and remembered seeing on Sundown’s schedule that an “Indie” band called Quiet Company would be playing that night. I had given them a quick listen and decided that I might enjoy seeing their show. Plus Sundown recommended the band for people who like Weezer, which I do.

I caught a ride over to Greenville Avenue and arrived about 30 minutes into the show. As I was walking to the door I could hear the band covering El Scorcho from Weezer’s Pinkerton album (one of my favorites). I saw this as a good omen for the night. I quickly grabbed a beer and joined the crowd to sing along.


While I can’t speak much to which songs they sang, I can say that the night was filled with steady sounds of slow rhythm and upbeat rock.  The vibe was very laid back- it usually is when I visit Sundown. In fact, at one point the lead singer took a moment on stage to text back his wife whom he’d forgotten to call before the show started. He even read the text aloud to the crowd for approval.


During one of the breaks I was able to speak a bit with their drummer, Evan, and learned that the band is from Austin and has been together for about 8 years, though Evan joined just 6 months ago. And after poking around their website, I found out they are currently recording their fourth album entitled Transgressor.


While the first half of their performance was more laid back, the second half became what some might call a crazy shit show circus of showmanship. And I loved it! The lead singer was wrapping himself up in the mic, dancing, singing in peoples’ faces, and even stretching out on a table before a group of listeners while crooning out lyrics.


There’s nothing better than going to a show where the band actually seems to be having fun. I love watching personality come through in performance- it’s what sets a group apart. Even if it’s just banter between sets, I really appreciate some kind of scene. And I think these guys did a great job of getting the crowd excited for their music, which really is good.

I plan to see Quiet Company again when they come back to town on July 11 to play the Pinkerton album at The Foundry. You can view more of their upcoming shows here. And find them on Twitter here.

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