Four Corners Brewery Tour


Craft beer is a word that has been buzzing more and more in Dallas over the years. And in this city, what’s better than craft beer? Local craft beer! Lucky for us, we are in no short supply.

In the last 10 years Dallas has seen a boom in breweries churning out delicious suds. And one of those local craft  companies is Four Corners Brewery.

So when an email suggested I RSVP to tour Four Corners I decided it was definitely a good idea! When is gaining knowledge about beer while downing free samples a bad idea?!


My tour companion and I got to the brewery around 1:15 for our 1:30 tour, and bellied up to the bar to order a Block Party– their Porter. It’s very smooth, sweet and heavy- definitely my kind of beer! But probably wasn’t the best choice to order 15 minutes before a tour that offers free samples.


The tour started with an in-depth look at the beer making process. I’m no scientist, so I won’t try to rehash what mostly went over my head- let’s just say these guys do a lot of good hard work. And anyone who has tasted a Four Corners beer can back me on that statement.


After hearing about the brewing and bottling process, we were introduced to a history of the company. My favorite tidbit from this portion of the tour was how the brewery was named. I don’t want to butcher the story, but essentially Four Corners is a tribute to the diversity that can be found at each corner in Dallas. I’ll drink to that!


I only sampled two beers- the Local Buzz (Golden Ale) and Paletero (IPA). I’m usually not a fan of IPAs, but this one didn’t taste too bitter to me so I really liked it.  I thought I would love Local Buzz the most, but I think Paletero trumped it. That doesn’t mean that Local Buzz wasn’t also good; I think the IPA just surprised me.


Overall the experience was fun and laid back. The tour guides were super friendly and knowledgeable and it makes me happy to know that when I order a Four Corners beer, I”ll be supporting these guys. I would definitely recommend that you check it out when you have a free Saturday afternoon- reserve your spot here. You can also host your private event at the brewery, or just visit their all day ale house.

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