The O’s at Dan’s Silverleaf, Denton


When the Old 97’s show was cut short on Saturday night, my concert companion, Michael, and I were obviously bummed; but luckily good music is never in short supply in these parts. Knowing this, we jumped in the car and drove up 35 to catch The O’s playing at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton. I dubbed it our “Memorial Weekend Metroplex Music Tour”! Unofficially. In my head.

We walked into Dan’s to see a good sized crowd gathered around the guys, who had already started playing. Luckily the timing was pretty spot on and we were able to see most of the show.


If you’ve never listened to The O’s, you definitely should! iTunes has placed the duo in the Pop genre. On Facebook the band describes their sound as “Good timin’ music”. You could also throw in Country and Folksy, and probably like a million other adjectives. I don’t know. I’m not the best at categorizing music, but let’s just say they definitely ain’t bad!

Of course, that’s selling them short. Under the logo on their homepage is the question, “Tryin’ to have a good time?” Well, if your answer is yes, then you’ve gotta see these guys live!

And anyone who has seen them perform since they formed in 2008 can attest to that.  And it’s not just the dance-able music that makes them so great to see live – it’s also their repertoire on stage.


The O’s deliver what I like to call “Tunes and ‘Tude” – that is short for “attitude” of course. Between songs the guys will banter, tell stories and jokes (mostly at their own expense), and generally engage with the crowd. I love this! Not only does it provide entertainment between entertainment, but it potentially forms a bond with pretty much everyone in the room.

Speaking of entertaining- as if they don’t already do enough of it – these guys have their own local Radio Show called Dead Air, which comes on KHYI 95.3 The Range every Friday from 4-6pm. Not a bad way to start off your weekend!


And their show at Dan’s was definitely a great addition to my weekend. I loved seeing the diverse crowd begin to get up and dance more and more as the show progressed – clapping along with the kick drum and singing in unison. It was definitely “a good time”.

Check out The O’s schedule to see when they’re playing near you!

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