Old 97’s at Frost Park, Fort Worth


So I think I’m in over my head with this post. And it’s not just because the Old 97’s are local legends who are still rocking out after 20 years and just released their latest foul-mouthed masterpiece to add their collection of awe-inspiring albums….Ok, I’m definitely in over my head!

The point is, these dudes played a free show on Saturday in Fort Worth and I was in attendance. They rocked out hard and unfortunately the show was cut a little short due to the rain.


I’d have to say the coolest part about going to a 97’s show in DFW is that you know there are people in the crowd who have been fans for years.

If you started up a conversation with one of the band’s devotees, I’m sure he or she would tell you exactly how they first came to hear about the Old 97’s, and then how they grew to love them.


I remember reading a fan’s blog post once (which for the life of me I can’t find now) about when he had his 97’s “epiphany” – essentially he was listening to a song he had heard several times when it clicked for him how awesome it was. For me, that song was The Villain – how the lyrics play with the different uses of the word ‘Sentence’.

Not many people are lucky enough to have a band they’ve “grown up with” still playing shows (free ones at that!) – and kicking ass while doing so! The great thing about listening to a band for many years is the memories that get tied into the songs, and how certain emotions can bubble up all over again the minute you hear that first note.


And you think of all the times you were just singing along in your car or your bedroom and wondering what the guys in the band were thinking when they wrote it, or even when they play it now. And you understand how cool it is that you can see that band live and belt out those songs with them and see how they look when they play – what they emphasize. And you can hear the roar of voices behind you singing too and you wonder what memories those people have associated with these songs, or how  they look when they sing in their car…

Anyway, that’s my overly romantic take on things. But I guess I can’t help but get a little sappy. There’s just something about music and being human.

PS – Check out the Old 97’s Tour Schedule for when they are coming to a city near you, and then go to that show!

PPS – Enjoy the pics. They were taken with my Canon Rebel that I just bought as a birthday present to myself. It’s a beginner DSLR – yet another thing I’m in over my head with.



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