Trivia – My Mid Week Fix & Why You Need One Too

3422035482_f14aa25c1f_oEveryone has a least favorite day of the week – for me, it’s Tuesday. Tuesday is the most worthless day for man. It just takes up space on the calendar, delays Friday, and tries to pretend like it’s so much better than Monday.

Unfortunately my disdain for Tuesday isn’t enough to have it removed from the week. But in the last year I have been able to recover from my “case of the Tuesdays” by attending a local Wednesday night trivia game.

The tradition started around last June when I reconnected with an old friend of mine from junior high, Sally. We planned to catch up over midweek drinks at a bar halfway between both of our apartments, which turned out to be Sherlock’s…yes, that Sherlock’s.

We didn’t even realize it was trivia night, but decided to play along and ended up winning a $20 gift certificate for food and drinks. That was enough to get us hooked and we’ve been going ever since.

Over the year we’ve managed to make a name for ourselves as one of about 4 or 5 regular teams. We’ve placed 3rd, 2nd, and 1st at least once, collected some prizes and even formed some friendships with the staff and regulars.  The vibe is always laid back and the food is pretty much delicious, also Wednesdays at Sherlock’s come with really good beer specials, can’t complain about that!


  • My Fav Appetizer: The Hummus Plate
  • My Fav Entree: Chicken Avocado Sandwich
  • My Fav Cocktail: Grape Expectations

Having this midweek ritual has been great, and I  think you should try and create your own weekly tradition too! Make it something social and fun to get you over Tuesday and through the week.

It doesn’t have to be trivia, maybe poker night is more your style or swing dancing, or even gathering together for the new episode of your favorite TV show. Connect with old friends on Facebook or find a Meetup group. You never know what kind of fun new tradition will start up that you can make your own.

And now, some pictures from a couple of winning trivia nights that are terrible quality cause it’s so dark and I took them on my cell phone….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Do you have any favorite midweek traditions? Share them in the comments!


Photo Credit: Ann Larrie Valentine

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