Exploring Oak Point Nature Preserve – Plano


Spring brings out the adventurer in me. I love hiking and exploring nature; so does my pooch, Pierre!

Last weekend I was set on traveling north up 75 to a nature preserve in Plano called Oak Point. Why would I choose Oak Point? One reason, two words: Bicycle Graveyard. Yes, I read about this trail on D Magazine’s website and was assured (through photographic evidence) that there exists a bicycle graveyard in this nature preserve.

Well, after hours of searching, I and my hiking buddy, Katrina, were sorely disappointed to never come across said graveyard. We even asked fellow hikers, who seemed even more lost and confused than us. Note to editor: If you are going to mention something as cool as a Bicycle Graveyard, you’ve gotta help a hiker out and let them know where this place can be found.

In other, happier news, we did manage to have a pretty exciting hike. We learned about Austin Chalk, witnessed a massive bird (I believe it was a crane) flying along the creek, smelled some lovely wildflowers, and even saw a smashed up vehicle that had obviously plummeted into the creek by mysterious means. We suspect alien foul play.

Would I visit Oak Point again? Maybe when the trees start to bloom some more. There
were definitely some massive trees, which I love, but without leaves they didn’t seem quite so impressive. I did enjoy the trails though and there’s definitely a lot of little areas to explore.

Though the drive up wasn’t bad, and I did enjoy my overall experience at the nature preserve, I probably won’t go back this season unless I find out where this elusive bicycle graveyard is located. If you have any tips about where it can be found, let me know!

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What other nature areas would you recommend exploring in Dallas? Share your thoughts in the comments section! 

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