The Bluebonnets Are Blooming



I was driving on the highway today and noticed some bluebonnets starting to bloom. As a Texan, this is the first sign of spring.

Spring time is arguably one of the best seasons in Texas as it tends to be the truest. Our Falls here are just slightly cooler Summers, the Winters are mild with occasional ice and dips below 30 degrees, and Summers get so unbearably hot that I try to remain mostly indoors – or else submerged under water.

But Spring in Dallas remains true the conventional attributes associated with this season – green grass, wildflowers, sunshine, cool breezes, occasional rainy days, and lots of outdoor markets and festivals. If you ask me, the bluebonnet is pretty lucky to be associated with this season.

Seeing the vibrant mix of lush green grass mingling with the cool native hue of the state flower is enough to lift you out of any winter funk. I’d almost liken these beautiful colors of our Spring to the Fall leaves of the Northeast. It’s enchanting, and I think most Texans take pride in the beauty of the bluebonnet.

When you’re a kid growing up in Texas, your parents pull over to take pictures of you sitting among a field of these blue petaled blossoms, and as much as you want to pick them you are shunned for even trying.

Bluebonnets only bloom once a year, and they don’t last long. Some years there are more blossoms than others. I see it as a reminder to get out and explore the outdoors while the weather is nice – to soak up all the good things in life and embrace change. Of course, I am welcoming this change of seasons with open arms.

Are you going to take time to admire the bluebonnets this year? Where is your favorite place to see the state flower in Dallas? Share your thoughts in the comments! 


Photo Credit: Jeff Pang

2 thoughts on “The Bluebonnets Are Blooming

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