Passports, The Big D, and Me

Passport Image

I’ve always wanted to go to Europe – be a self proclaimed Jet-Setter! I’ve dreamed of sipping lattes in Paris, riding gondolas in Venice, viewing Big Ben in England…

Of course, before all those glamorous hypothetical situations could occur, I needed to get my passport. I made an appointment at the Dallas Main Post Office a week or so in advance (it was the earliest I could get). For a week I had been gushing to anyone who would listen that I was getting my passport. I’m not even planning a trip abroad, but having a passport gets me one step closer to the possibility.

This morning was my appointment. I tried to arrive early for my 11:30 in order to look like a serious American who takes International travel very seriously, but I managed to miss my exit and, in doing a turn-around, subsequently got caught in unexpected construction. D’oh!

Luckily I was still able to fill out my application, present legal documents, have my picture taken, swear an oath, and shell out a bunch of money.  Yay! Now it’s just a matter of six weeks or so (hopefully!) until I can flash my super official booklet that says, ‘Yes, I can leave this country and get back in again, AhThankYouVeryMuch!’

Now that I filled out my application and am awaiting approval, I’ve begun to think about how sometimes it feels like I need a passport just to leave Dallas.  I know it sounds super dorky, but Dallas  kind of gives off that vibe – like  the city  itself demands some kind of proof that you belong here.

I don’t know. Maybe most big cities are that way. But when people make a fuss about going to Ft. Worth (about a 40 minute drive) like it’s light years away, it starts to feel like you live in another country. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dallas! And if it required a passport to live here, then I would have already gotten mine years ago, but do you ever have these thoughts about our city? Please share your opinions with me in the comments.


Photo Credit: swimparallel

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