Quiet Company At The Nasher

Better late than never, right? So it's been a few weeks since our friends, Quiet Company, brought rock 'n roll to Dallas' downtown sculpture center. The group took stage at The Nasher's monthly "'Til Midnight" event on June 19th. Though the temps were high, and the crowd somewhat stationary, the boys proved that it's never too hot … Continue reading Quiet Company At The Nasher

RTB2 at Sundown at Granada

Last weekend was filled with a ton of great opportunities to see live music. And if you're like me, you wish you had been capable of being in at least two places at once. But where I found myself last Friday night was nothing short of delightful! After a late shift at work I made … Continue reading RTB2 at Sundown at Granada

Sweet Stuff Happening in Dallas Tonight 7/11

There are some nights when I wish I could be in multiple places at once; tonight is such a night. Here's a quick rundown of things happening tonight that I totally approve of and think you should check out. 1. American Idiots at The Barley House  See the best Green Day cover band in Dallas … Continue reading Sweet Stuff Happening in Dallas Tonight 7/11

Old 97’s at Frost Park, Fort Worth

So I think I'm in over my head with this post. And it's not just because the Old 97's are local legends who are still rocking out after 20 years and just released their latest foul-mouthed masterpiece to add their collection of awe-inspiring albums....Ok, I'm definitely in over my head! The point is, these dudes played a free … Continue reading Old 97’s at Frost Park, Fort Worth

Michael Sitarzewski and I Discussed Dallas, Tech, & Coffee

If it weren't for sharing my blog posts on Twitter, I'm not sure how I would have initially come across Michael Sitarzewski, but I'm almost positive it would have happened eventually. Though he's only been back in Texas for a little under a year now, he's been making an impact in the local tech community, … Continue reading Michael Sitarzewski and I Discussed Dallas, Tech, & Coffee

My Last Meal at The Mecca, Lakewood

You may or may not have heard that last Sunday was the Mecca's last day in business until they hopefully relocate. I won't feign a long history of loyalty to this neighborhood diner, but I know that there is a lot of history to the Mecca. I think it's been around 70+ years, though in … Continue reading My Last Meal at The Mecca, Lakewood

Oak Cliff Earth Day 2014

I was partially devastated a couple of weekends ago when the Deep Ellum Arts Festival was practically rained out. I still attended the event despite the rain, but I didn't stay as long as I would have liked and missed the portion of the festival I had most looked forward to - the pet parade. … Continue reading Oak Cliff Earth Day 2014