The Longhorn Ballroom

Does it ever seem like sometimes things just fall into place? While I’m sure there’s more to it, I must say I’m glad that The Longhorn Ballroom landed in Jay LaFrance’s hands and not those of a development company.

Finally! Someone is listening out there. Someone is taking advantage of the history that this city does offer. Someone can see that the past works to build a brand up instead of tear it down (no pun intended).

Sure this building could be knocked down and in its place an apartment complex with a Starbuck’s attached could sit like a metaphorical altar to that which it feels most of Dallas has bowed down. But not today, thank you! We’ll gladly keep our history.

Now let’s talk about why I think this might work.

Timing is everything when buying property, obviously. And while for the last decade The Longhorn Ballroom (TLB) has mostly gone unnoticed, I think the time is ripe for its comeback. For two reasons: The Cedars and The Trinity. Hear me out.

It’s been somewhat of a long time coming for The Cedars, but this Dallas neighborhood is definitely on the rise. It’s not even “on the rise,” I’d say it’s a hot spot that is adding something new every day.

Incidentally, TLB is located just a few blocks from Lamar Street where you’ll find night life, restaurants, and the Alamo Draft House. This purchase could be a huge part in connecting Lamar and Riverfront Blvd. Dare I say, an edgier version of Trinity Groves? Fingers crossed.

I know there are a lot of naysayers about the Trinity River Project, and I’ll admit that it does seem far off and “out there”. But, if it should work out in the next five to ten years, that would be a game changer for driving foot traffic near The Ballroom.

Even if the Trinity River Project doesn’t pan out quite like some imagined, I still consider this a smart buy. South Dallas is expanding regardless, and this region can act as a bridge to that area. Hopefully this is only the start. By the time the five year mark hits, TLB will be primed and ready.

I can see exciting things for the future of The Longhorn Ballroom. What are your thoughts?


Featured image credit: Nicholas Henderson

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