Monday Mantra


I’ve recently been trying to get back into the habit of reciting positive affirmations. I did this a few years back and it really helped me begin to see life in a different way. So I thought while I’m trying to work on seeing things in a better light, maybe I can help someone whom might be reading this to do the same.

The Monday Mantra series will only occur on Mondays, but I encourage you to practice throughout the week. It feels silly at first, and maybe even for a while, but find moments to repeat the statement to yourself several times during the day as you remember.

You might not even believe the mantra to begin with, but as you continue to repeat it (aloud or in your head) you may start to notice a change in your thinking, and feeling.

Life isn’t perfect. And I know that saying things are great doesn’t make them great.  But that doesn’t mean that we have to constantly be burdened with negative thoughts. We can still believe good things. And that’s what I want. I really want good things for you and me.

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