I’m Going Down to San Anton

That’s right, this Friday I’ll be heading south to the Alamo City to catch up with my pal from way-back, Amy. But being a Dallas girl and all, and not having been to San Antonio since my high school senior tennis team took a trip, I’d love to hear advice about hot spots to hit up while in the area. Amy’s never been to San Antonio, so I figure we’ll have to stop by the Alamo. Then the Riverwalk is another must on my list- I’d love to hear any opinions on good restaurants along there. We’ve also discussed taking a little trip over to Schlitterbahn, but that really depends on the weather. So feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments whether it’s good shopping, dining, ‘outdooring’, music, whatever! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Also, feel free to follow my adventures on Instagram– I promise not to post too many food pics.

One thought on “I’m Going Down to San Anton

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