My Quarantine Routine, Or I What I Try Anyway


Dallas is supposed to be opening businesses up this Friday, at 25% capacity. I don’t know what the future is going to look like or when things will get back to “normal”. But we’ve all been in this thing for a while now and have likely developed new daily routines.

Sometimes these are healthy, sometimes they are not – mine is definitely a mix! 😯

I’ve been furloughed from my job, so my routine certainly looks different than it used to before this all happened. My day-to-day isn’t really a routine so much as a “to-do” list that I make the night before.

Anyway, these things have been my focus for the last month or so in no particular order.

1. Side Hustles

Having a side hustle has never been more important, and if you’re furloughed like me, it’s a great time to work on getting a hustle going or working on an existing hustle.

I have an Ebay store that I started up with my mom last summer. This has been a lifesaver in terms of getting me out of financial pickles. We are working to kick this business into gear and really start making more sales this year.

I’ve also been looking into starting a podcast with my brother. We are in the initial stages so I don’t want to give away too much about that, but we would essentially be reviewing/roasting bad movies. I don’t know, would y’all listen to that?

2. Learning

Reading is a great and important activity during this time, especially if you are not working. Whether it’s taking an online course, listening to an informative podcast, or cracking open that book that you’ve been meaning to read, it’s a great time to improve your knowledge and skillsets.

Personally, I’ve been taking a course from Udemy. They were having crazy good sales when quarantine first started so I hopped right on and took advantage by buying a few courses on!

I bought three courses – one on drop shipping, one on writing a book, and another on creating an affiliate marketing site.

They don’t seem to be running any specials now, but there are a bunch of reasonably priced courses and they do have a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. And keep checking back, because who knows when their next sale might happen!

4. Cleaning/Organizing

A couple weeks after quarantine started for me, I had to move. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of cleaning and organizing going on, as there always is with a move. But now that I have even more time at home, I’m able to really make the new space my own.

Also, my mom and I have made an Ebay office in the “playroom” of her house. It used to be a “storage room”…so it’s definitely been a project getting that place into shape. We focus on clearing things out, cleaning, and organizing our products every day.

5. Physical Health

Obviously trying to stay well hydrated, stick with prescription medication and daily vitamins. Wearing a mask when out in public and washing my hands often.

On top of that I’ve been lifting weights and going on daily walks.

6. Mental/Spiritual Health

Exercise has really helped to stave off depression and keep me focused on my long term goals during this time. I also take prescription medication to help with depression – something I’ve had since a young age.

Yoga, journaling, and practicing mindfulness also help me to stay mentally healthy.

Churches are closed during this time, which can make it difficult to keep faith top of mind, especially when things are so uncertain. It’s good to be connected with a like-minded faith community. But I’ve been doing my best to pray daily and read my Bible. For me, this is very important and something I’d like to work on more.

It’s Not All Been Perfect

Please don’t get me wrong! I haven’t been perfect at sticking with these goals. There’s also been a lot of napping, Netflix binging, video game playing, eating crappy food and drinking.

I’m sure I could been in an even better place right now if I had been more rigid/productive every day. But I’m not focusing on that. My focus is self care, which includes being gentle on days where I don’t “feel” it. Setting goals. Doing my best. Each day at a time.

So those are the things that I’ve been up to! I’ve also made it a priority to stay in touch with friends and family through phone and video chat, of course!

What does your day/week look like during this time? What has changed, what has stayed the same? I’d love to hear from you! Please share with me in the comments! 

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