Monday Mantra: No Mental Cobwebs

Last week I was walking in the park by where I live in an effort to enjoy the nice spring weather when suddenly I collided with an older woman walking her dog. she apologized (as her dog had cut me off) and explained that she walks to “clear out the mental cobwebs–and I don’t think anyone would say there’s anything wrong with that!”

Though her phrasing left me desperately wanting to play devil’s advocate, I smiled and agreed saying it was my time to clear out the cobwebs too. It wasn’t a lie, I started walking a few years back as a way to calm my mind and live in the moment. It’s been great for me.

I believe our mental health and our physical health are strongly tied together. But there’s more of a stigma around certain aspects of mental health where there should be none. It’s my belief that unless you are suffering from clinical depression, going on walks can really brighten your mood and help you see things more positively.

If your brain is feeling weighed down with mental cobwebs, try going for a walk–just for the mental health benefits. You don’t even have to walk fast, go for a stroll in your neighborhood and really take notice of things you pass everyday. You could snap pictures, write a description, or draw from memory what you see (very therapeutic).

You never know where your walk might take you, it’s a modern day adventure! You might meet someone new, run into someone old, make an animal friend, or cross paths with a celebrity–hey, they’re just like us! So take some time today or this week to enjoy the moment, no one will say there’s anything wrong with that!

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