Six Good Places To Eat Alone In Dallas

crushcraftOften it seems that there’s a stigma around dining alone. But sometimes there’s no other option. Friends are busy, schedules don’t line up, or you just happen to be hungry at 4:30 pm – hey, no shame in the geriatric game! Whatever the reason we find ourselves eating alone, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, dining solo can be a liberating experience–a way to treat ourselves without necessarily having to depend on the company of others.

If the thought of asking for a table for one scares you, then this list of restaurants in Dallas will be a good place to start as they don’t have waiters or reservations. Baby steps, right? So the next time you’re feeling peckish and posse-less, try one of these places to eat alone.

Whole Foods

It’s rare that people are in groups here anyway, as grocery shopping doesn’t typically require more than one person. So whether you’re looking to grab lunch or dinner, this is an easy place to fly under the radar, but still get out and do some people watching.  Need to do a working lunch? Bring your laptop and take advantage of the free wifi. What to get: their fresh made sushi is pretty delicious.

Serious Pizza 

This place is a Deep Ellum staple, and one I always consider if I’m going to be eating alone. It’s recently been expanded, taking over the space that used to be July Alley, but before that, Serious Pizza was a very small and narrow restaurant. That’s perhaps why it’s always a good spot too keep in my mind when eating alone. What to get: It’s giant slices of pizza! Anything will be a win. 

Crush Craft

When you want a filling dinner, Crush Craft is a great place to grab a bite. Order at the front when you walk in and wait for your name to be called. Pick a seat, preferably near the window under their  colorful installation of dangling fabrics. You won’t be disappointed. Added bonus? They’re open until 3am on Friday and Saturday night. Perfect for post-drinking, or just late night munchies. What to get: The Drunken Noodles

Ten Ramen

Dallas has no shortage of good Ramen, and Ten is great for dining alone. The tiny space is dine-in, stand-up only. So, a party of one or two is perfect; however, it can be a crap shoot as to how cramped your meal will be. In other words, don’t go if you’re looking for a leisurely dinner. But do go if you want some of the best ramen in town! Pro tip–go to the left when you walk in. You’ll place and pay for your order on an iPad that’s on the wall. What to get: Tonkotsu ramen


Stroll in to this friendly, neighborhood market and start making a round with the free samples. You can find them throughout the perimeter of the store, and it’s a good way to see what’s on the menu for the day. Pro tip – Check their daily specials. My personal favorite is the Friday night pizza. From 4-9pm it’s only $10 for a box of their ultra thin. Or get pizza, salad, and a bottle of wine for only $25. Also perfect for a date night.  What to get: Freshly prepared salad. 

Uncle Uber’s

Another great spot in Deep Ellum, this “sammich shop” has a laid back vibe with interesting artwork and an even more intriguing crowd. There’s a bar where you can enjoy your food with a beer, and there’s also plenty of other seating inside. I’ve yet to have a bad meal from here, even the salads are good! Wanna look like a local? If you go for a sandwich or burger, ask for the secret Uber sauce. What to get: Bacon swiss cheeseburger – get in a single, double, or even triple patty! 

Where do you like to go when you eat alone in Dallas?

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