Tonight- Late Night Zombie Exhibit at The Perot Museum


Still haven’t hit up Dallas’ science museum, The Perot, yet? Me either. But that could all change tonight because it’s their First Thursday Late Night for October, and guess what? The theme is Zombies! Yes.

According to their website, the event will have several activities, demonstrations, and hands-on experiments. You’ll get a chance to learn about the zombie gene and if you’re susceptible to it. There will also be information about the parts of the brain that become affected by the zombie gene, and how that whole mess works. While you’re there, you’ll have to partake in the face painting too, so you can transform your look into that of the undead and possibly scare your friends!

The fun starts at 7 tonight and goes on until 9. The event is free with admission and adult general admission is $15.


Photo Credit: Rodney

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