Four New Bars To Try In Dallas This Weekend


Time to expand your Dallas bucket list…again! New places are opening up every day in this thriving city, but I’ve selected four hot new bars to try out this weekend. I’ve only been to one of these places so far, but I can’t wait to check out the others. Let me know if you’ve visited any of these watering holes and tell me what you thought!

  1. Parliament- Located at 2418 Allen Street, this is one of those awesome looking cocktail bars that you hope doesn’t get overrun by the Uptown types. But I don’t think that would stop me from wanting to grab a drink from this self-proclaimed “Neighborhood Cocktail Lounge”. Based off what I’ve seen online, Parliament has a sophisticated yet welcoming air. The decor is inspired by early 1900s Paris and the space features beautiful red wallpaper and a tall, lit-up and shelved bar with an accompanying ladder. I can’t wait to check it out. Twitter | Facebook
  2. Off The Record- I checked this place out last night, and I would like to go on the record as saying that Off The Record is off the charts in terms of good booze, great atmosphere, and of course, records.  I’m not sure how this place will be on the weekends, but for me it was the perfect, chill bar for a weeknight drink.One suggestion though- you may want to get there a little early if you’re looking to enjoy their music and ambiance because later in the night you will get some Dada bleed-through. Twitter | Facebook
  3. Proof and Pantry- Here’s a new bar/restaurant that’s sure to be a win for the Arts District. Proof and Pantry‘s menu provides a sophisticated twist on American fare along with fancy cocktails and a sizable wine and beer selection. This would certainly be a great spot to hit after a day at the DMA. There’s also a patio, which will be perfect for taking in views of downtown as we get into cooler weather. Twitter | Facebook 
  4. Cold Beer Company– Another new and welcomed Deep Ellum bar, Cold Beer Company focuses on local food and drink. It’s a craft beer haven! And, according to their site, they do their best to “buy from our neighbors” in terms of food.  The location is the corner of Main and Exposition. The building used to be Vern’s Kitchen until it was abandoned and practically slated to be demolished. I love that it was renovated instead! Twitter | Facebook 

Which one of these places are you wanting to check out first? 


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