Where To Go From Here

It's been a while since I've written and I'm not really sure why. Writing and creating make me feel alive and useful. For some time I really enjoyed exploring Dallas and keeping up with new restaurants, bars, local news, and events - especially music. But it's an awfully demanding thing to stay on top of, … Continue reading Where To Go From Here

My Ebay Side Hustle: What’s Sold Lately

A little side hustle/hobby of mine is the Ebay store I created with my mom a year ago. We flip things from places like estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores, etc. It's something I love doing. The hunt is thrilling, you never know what you'll find or what will catch your eye and when it … Continue reading My Ebay Side Hustle: What’s Sold Lately

I’m Going Down to San Anton

That's right, this Friday I'll be heading south to the Alamo City to catch up with my pal from way-back, Amy. But being a Dallas girl and all, and not having been to San Antonio since my high school senior tennis team took a trip, I'd love to hear advice about hot spots to hit … Continue reading I’m Going Down to San Anton