My First Frisco RoughRiders Game


I scored some free tickets to see the RoughRiders play the San Antonio Missions last Friday and had a blast! I’d never been to one of the games before, but here are some highlights and take aways I got from my attendance.


The Location: Dr. Pepper Ballpark- Frisco, TX. This park is so clean and quaint, it’s like watching a game at a Disney World resort.


The Food: I was surrounded by delicious looking, and smelling, treats the whole time at this game.

It also didn’t hurt that my tickets included entry to a food pavilion that provided unlimited hot dogs, bratwursts, nachos, drinks, and probably some other stuff but I was too busy grabbing handfuls of hot dogs and nachos to notice.

I must mention that there was a special deal during one of the later innings that made a small cup of Dippin’ Dots only $1! $1!! Cookies and cream for life.


The Game Outcome: We didn’t win, but the guys definitely put up a fight, and I still enjoyed watching them play. The final score was 11-6.


The Crowd: There was a great turn out, and the people watching was choice!

Moment to Remember: When I was minding my own business and a foul ball flew up, bounced off the roof, and landed 5 feet from me inside someone’s cup- talk about a drinking game! [Insert chuckle here].

I was very impressed and would have taken a picture if I hadn’t been too busy doing my signature duck and cover move.

Goal for My Next Visit: To get a group together and watch the game from the Kroger Pool Zone, who’s with me?

PS: There was an awesome fireworks show.

PPS: Notice how my longest description had to do with the food?

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