Where To Go From Here

It's been a while since I've written and I'm not really sure why. Writing and creating make me feel alive and useful. For some time I really enjoyed exploring Dallas and keeping up with new restaurants, bars, local news, and events - especially music. But it's an awfully demanding thing to stay on top of, … Continue reading Where To Go From Here

My 3-Step Ritual To Get Me Motivated To Work

Many people are like me right now - furloughed or out of work because of Coronavirus. So it's up to ourselves to create a routine or maintain some productivity when we aren't being paid to do so. At first, it's kind of easy because we are used to waking up and getting right to work. … Continue reading My 3-Step Ritual To Get Me Motivated To Work

My Quarantine Routine, Or I What I Try Anyway

Dallas is supposed to be opening businesses up this Friday, at 25% capacity. I don't know what the future is going to look like or when things will get back to "normal". But we've all been in this thing for a while now and have likely developed new daily routines. Sometimes these are healthy, sometimes … Continue reading My Quarantine Routine, Or I What I Try Anyway

Best Buds: Spring in Dallas

Spring might be my favorite season in Dallas. The weather is mild, everything is blooming, festivals are starting, and there's a feeling of change in the air. In Dallas, fall and winter aren't exactly traditional, and summer seems to never end, but spring is pretty true to its nature around here. I only wish it … Continue reading Best Buds: Spring in Dallas

The Longhorn Ballroom

Does it ever seem like sometimes things just fall into place? While I'm sure there's more to it, I must say I'm glad that The Longhorn Ballroom landed in Jay LaFrance's hands and not those of a development company. Finally! Someone is listening out there. Someone is taking advantage of the history that this city does … Continue reading The Longhorn Ballroom

8 Tips for Surviving the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Last year was my first official time to experience the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dallas. I'd been on Greenville during the SPD shenanigans, but had never been in the thick of the debauchery. Needless to say, I had a blast! But there are a few things I'd do differently this year. So I've compiled … Continue reading 8 Tips for Surviving the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Six Good Places To Eat Alone In Dallas

Often it seems that there's a stigma around dining alone. But sometimes there's no other option. Friends are busy, schedules don't line up, or you just happen to be hungry at 4:30 pm – hey, no shame in the geriatric game! Whatever the reason we find ourselves eating alone, it doesn't have to be a … Continue reading Six Good Places To Eat Alone In Dallas

11/22/1963 in Dallas

It's been over fifty years since JFK's motorcade took that fateful route in our city's downtown. But had you been here only a month ago, you would have thought you had travelled back in time. The streets were cleared, modern signs were nowhere to be seen, and people were dressed in the clothes of yore. Of course, the … Continue reading 11/22/1963 in Dallas

Snake Me Home

Just when I thought Mother Nature was finally done throwing seasonal surprises our way, my own mother sent the following text message. (Please be warned…if you can't stand snakes, don't look)        Of course, curiosity got the best of me and, like a human, I enlarged the image. Blegh!!! Unreal! And look how … Continue reading Snake Me Home