Best Buds: Spring in Dallas

Spring might be my favorite season in Dallas. The weather is mild, everything is blooming, festivals are starting, and there's a feeling of change in the air. In Dallas, fall and winter aren't exactly traditional, and summer seems to never end, but spring is pretty true to its nature around here. I only wish it … Continue reading Best Buds: Spring in Dallas

I Stopped Doing Yoga And Started Doing More Of This

Anxiety runs in my family and is something I've always lived with. I've done things like yoga, running, and various fad boutique fitness centers to try and focus my energy and calm my nerves, but those activities always felt like more of a chore for me than as a way to gain strength and peace. On top … Continue reading I Stopped Doing Yoga And Started Doing More Of This

Hey Dallas, Let’s Walk Together On Social Media!

You've probably noticed that I've been posting a lot of outdoor pictures lately. That's not just because of the awesome weather or plethora of amazing outdoor activities - though those things don't hurt! It's because walking has really helped to boost my mood and creativity. It's also allowed me to get to know my city … Continue reading Hey Dallas, Let’s Walk Together On Social Media!

Spring Greens Around Dallas

The weather is starting to get warmer. Just a matter of weeks ago I could walk several miles around town without breaking a sweat; now those same jaunts leave me uncomfortably drenched. But I don't want to let it hinder my love of exploring the city on foot. I just suck it up and hydrate … Continue reading Spring Greens Around Dallas

Oak Cliff Earth Day 2014

I was partially devastated a couple of weekends ago when the Deep Ellum Arts Festival was practically rained out. I still attended the event despite the rain, but I didn't stay as long as I would have liked and missed the portion of the festival I had most looked forward to - the pet parade. … Continue reading Oak Cliff Earth Day 2014

Exploring Oak Point Nature Preserve – Plano

Spring brings out the adventurer in me. I love hiking and exploring nature; so does my pooch, Pierre! Last weekend I was set on traveling north up 75 to a nature preserve in Plano called Oak Point. Why would I choose Oak Point? One reason, two words: Bicycle Graveyard. Yes, I read about this trail … Continue reading Exploring Oak Point Nature Preserve – Plano

The Bluebonnets Are Blooming

  I was driving on the highway today and noticed some bluebonnets starting to bloom. As a Texan, this is the first sign of spring. Spring time is arguably one of the best seasons in Texas as it tends to be the truest. Our Falls here are just slightly cooler Summers, the Winters are mild … Continue reading The Bluebonnets Are Blooming